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Thank you Rob, Neil, and Marty. You guys are awesome. Appreciate you helping a newbie with awesome suggestions and Rob, the steps you have outlined above is great advice and very logical.

This is my first ever restoration so I am just anxious to get it completed and especially hard when my kids keep asking when can they ride in the car. I was also rushing because my nephew who has been helping me is starting West Point this summer and I wanted him to drive it for a few days before he went off to the academy. Anyways, you guys have convinced me to do it right than just putting it back together in totally the opposite sequence.

I don't think it needs a rotisserie restoration since the interior panels and flooring are in good shape. The doors and fenders have couple of cancer spots and hopefully that would be the extent of the damage. But, as Rob said who knows what sand/soda blasting would reveal. I don't mind pulling the tranny and the engine out. Now the toughest part is finding a somewhat reasonable, yet reputable/quality shop to do the body work and painting.

thanks again!!
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