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At a cross road - any suggestions?

I am at a point where the interior on my 68 has been completely stripped, rust repairs complete and applied rust remover/encapsulater, and painted the bare metal areas of the dash underside.

I have all the parts ready to assemble the interior. My original plan was to complete the interior assembly and then work on the motor to see if it would start. It was seized at one point but was able to get it cranking before I removed all the wiring harness and interior stuff.

I do want to get the car repainted in the very near future and couple of the shops I was talking to said it would be a good idea to get it sand blasted or even soda blasted to remove the old layers of paint (currently on the 2nd repaint). Sandblasting is out of the picture especially if the interior is put back to its original condition. I heard that Soda blasting could also be bad especially if any left over soda gets into the nooks and crannies and eventually start to rest. I really wanted to see the car would run before the paint job (especially if we have to pull the motor or tranny out).

Should I proceed with the interior installation (except for window seals & trims of course) and try to fire up the engine before repaint? Or shall I just bite the bullet & go ahead with soda blast / repaint now with the interior removed? I am so worried about scratching the paint job especially if have to pull the engine, etc. Since there are 2 layers of paint, do you think paint shops would do the old fashioned paint stripping with a hand grinder?

Sorry to bother you with this. Appreciate any suggestions you may have.

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