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Getting the grille back in order

Hi everyone,

As many of you know, I am working to restore a GT/CS. The original owner was in an accident back in 1970 or 71 and even back then it was impossible to get an original blacked out grille. So my car has been sporting a pony ever since. And to add insult to injury, they replaced the original Marchal fog lights with Lucas.

While the car is going through the drive train rebuild at the shop, I have been busy scouring all ends of the Earth to get the grille back as close as possible to the original look.

I have found someone who is remaking an original grille for me and has a good deal of experience. I haven't seen it yet, but I am hopeful. He also has someone who custom makes the brackets for the Marchals.

Overseas, I was able to obtain a set of Marchals. However, they are missing the proper plugs. So it's just a set of lights.

My questions:

1. What kind of wiring will I need to replicate how the Marchals would look? Might you have pics you can share?

2. What kind of bulbs are good replacements? I am going to assume that the original bulbs aren't ideal.

3. I am going to need to replace the grille opening molding as well, I would prefer to find an original and have it refurbished. Is there anything I should know about the one on the GT/CS? Is it the standard 1968 molding?

Thank you in advance for your insights! And let me know if I am missing anything else that I should be considering.
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