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Re:Engine Question

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Casey, as far as the rough idle. With the further info it sounds as if the timing is not advancing. What condition is your chain in? Also check your advance mechanism, either vacuum or mechanical. I wonder if the chain slipped a gear or two and has taken the timing beyond the limit of the distributor adjustment. I have had this happen where I could not get full advancement in the timing at high RPM and experienced rough running due to a bad chain. It ran fine at idle. A loose/stretched chain can also cause this even if it is in the correct position. These engines left the factory with a nylon gear. these can shear a tooth or two and give you the same problem. Throw in a gear drive and it will sound like a supercharger!!

On my 454 Vette with Hooker headers I had to take a standard deep well socket and turn it down on a lathe to get adequate clearance. Some auto performance stores will sell a "thin wall" socket for this application.

If you can supply further symptoms we may be able to isolate it further. Mark.

I think we are down to the chain or the valves. I could not turn the distributor far enough to get it to idle smoothly (and I was at 20-30 degrees TDC!). Stupid question - if the chain slips, is it possible for it to slip back into correct position? Will let you know what we find next. Casey
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