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Introductions - And bringing one back from the dead

Hi everyone,

Today I joined the ranks of California Special owners. I have always loved the GT/CS since I first laid eyes on one. I come from a long line of Mustang owners. This is my first vintage Mustang, however I did own a 35th Anniversary Edition GT that I bought new.

The CS was found high up in the foothills of California. The car may have been kept in a garage since about 1993 or so. It has a ton of potential, but it's in pretty rough shape right now.

It was originally purchased in Sunnyvale, so I like to think that it's coming full circle and kind of coming back home since I live in San Jose.

The bad:
I need to get the engine, transmission, read end rebuilt. All of this is under progress.

The paint is done, gone, kaput. It's been worn down or something, and metal is exposed on the hood. It has a good deal of the original Highland Green paint and the white striping.

It's missing the original grille, as this one has the Mustang affixed to it and the screw holes are in the grille, so it's obviously not correct. Also, it has the stock 1968 Mustang rims on it. It may have come with those.

The good:
The body is in amazing shape. There isn't a single spot of rust anywhere on the car. Not a single bubble. Top to's just wow! The only damage to the body is that it has a single silver dollar sized dent in the rear fender.

The all original interior is the best you could possibly hope for from a survivor car, as is the black vinyl top (which might not be original, no way to tell).

It has factory installed AC, Power Steering, and Power Front Disc Brakes. It has a standard 289, with a 2v Carb. 2:79 gearing..etc.

My intent is to bring it back to it's former glory one step at a time. I also intend to keep it as close to the original as possible.

I really look forward to getting to know y'all and sharing my progress on the car as well as pick your brain on how to do things right! It has so much potential and I want it to shine like it did in it's former life!

Sorry for the low res pics. I will post better ones once the car gets the drive train completed and I get back down to San Jose.

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