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Re:New Gallery Format

[quote author=68sunlitgold link=board=1;threadid=218;start=0#1034 date=1045605287]
I added a bunch of pictures but I could not but them in the right places, ie I but a picture of the 96 registry on the site and I wanted to but it under the 88 registry, but I would not let me put it there. I had to but in on the main page. Is there a way to place photos in the appropriate place? ???[/quote]
Actually I have to move them. That's one of the certain rights the gallery software allows only for the owner of that particular gallery. I moved a few around and put the fog light ones in the "Fog Light and Grille" album.

Also, has Winstons price list been but on the main catagory options yet? I know I can get to it by using the thread you created in the forum, but I can not find it in the regular options, or am I looking in the wrong places?
I just added it last night. It should be on every page unless I missed one. It's the last link down on the left side navigation. (under "Vin Reports")
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