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Side stripe install... what a PITA....

The jigsaw puzzle continues.

Figured I'd layout the stripes and get them on the side scoops so I can put them on and then get the interior done.

Easy... not.

The dims in the book don't quite line up. So fiddles for 2 hours aligning, taping, eyeballing, readjusting.

On thing that is not real clear is how the stripes align to the wheel opening. When installed as noted in "the book" the top of the stripe is at or just above the upper edge of the lip, so no way to measure the 8" noted.

I did the GT/CS scoop stripe first, top edge of upper stripe 3 1/8" below the uppermost edge (front corner as my car sat) of the scoop. Centered the stripe pretty well. Parallel to body line. Then plotted that drop down from the body line and ran the door and front fender stripe.

On the basic door/front fender line, I found that by shooting a laser level along the body line (amazingly the car sat perfectly level along that line as it sits, no jacking required) and then dropping from that to the line of the scoop stripe worked well.

At the front of the fender I dipped the front end of the stripe 1/2" from level. Sounds odd, but if you don't the slope of the fender makes it look like the stripe tips up at the front, even though its dead level by the laser. (And I discovered I now get to remove the headlight buckets to add the stripes, no clue how Ford did this unless by template on each part off the car or just stopped and trimmed the bucket to fender, and did not wrap. More fun...

This put the upper edge of the front fender stripe just about 1/8 - 1/4" below the highest part of the fender opening. Does this align with other cars out there? If you drop a string line across the two stripes where does it fall on the wheel opening?

Still need to apply, the day was spent just fiddling with alignment and getting the right look....

Some layout pics...

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