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All the ideas are good but just to add and clarify. Yes pull and replace the front trans seal its cheap insurance and it might be best for you if your not sure how. Take it to your local trans shop and have them replace the seal its a 2 minute job with the correct tool or you can do it for 30 minutes and take a chance of messing it up worse with the wrong tools or knowledge. A seal is 5.00 and labor is worth a 10 or 20 cash to the bench builder.

When you install the torque converter it will drop in or click 3 times and you can check two ways to make sure its all the way in by putting a straight edge across the bell and it wont touch the TC and when you mate the motor all the way on grab the TC stud and the TC will wiggle then put the nuts on (NO washers) also pick up new nuts at the Trans shop while you are there getting the seal done your local hardware store does not have them.

Some TCs have only one drain plug and its easy to loose that one behind the flexplate so make sure you have drain plug access.

Putting fluid in the TC is NOT needed it will not improve or hurt anything the pump will fill the TC very fast. Fill the trans with 3 quarts ONLY then start the motor any more than that and it will all be all on the ground. fill the trans until you cant hear the gurgling in the fill tube any more then check the level and add 1 maybe 2 more it will take about 8 quarts total.
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