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Richard, be sure that you put the "plate" between the engine and the transmission. It is very easy to leave that part out when mating the engine and transmission. Don't ask me how I know this! Also be VERY sure that you have the converter indexed correctly to the flex plate. It is easy to make a mistake on converter position so be certain that the drain plug on the converter aligns with the hole in the flex plate. And the final tip is that the bolts that hold the flex plate to the crankshaft MUST be sealed or you will have an oil leak, so clean the threads and hole in the crankshaft and the bolts well and seal them with the proper material. You will have much better results when mating the tranny to the engine if you will use alignment studs screwed into the back of the block when you slide the transmission up to the engine. I think they are 7/16 US thread and can be made by cutting the heads off of a 3 or 4 inch bolt, and be sure and hacksaw a little cut across the sawed end of the bolt (will look like the end of a screw when you are done) so you can remove the bolts from the engine and replace with the proper transmission mounting bolts and lock washers. And be sure to replace the front tranny seal before mating it to the engine as it is a pain to find it leaks AFTER you install the engine and trans. . Good luck!
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