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When I had the pan down I was all over the oil pump to crank clearance. No problem. Had all the belts off so the fan and water pump were eliminated. Runs great vacuum and a nice steady idle for a bit of a performance cam...........

The Noise:
Before I left to see the engine builder in the morning (Kraig's 24th b-day) I told Val and Kraig "I don't care if they just touch something or whatever it is makes me look like a fool, I just want it fixed!!!!"

Drive to Tacoma and arrive. Bud's Machine Shop in Lakewood and by the way he offered a free disassembly of the whole thing if that is what it came to. Great guy, and great work. Bud is almost as old as Neil!! And just as nice!

He stops his entire crew and they again here the tale of woe. start the car and no one took my offer on the stethoscope. Just purring like a kitten with one annoying tic tack tack tic tic! Nice and loud for the doctors. One guy (Bob) kinda takes charge and within two minutes he says, drivers side. I whole heartily agreed. Bud and Bob both say not a rocker or lifter. To random and not consistent. At the 5 minute mark or so, Mike standing behind Bob says "Yup, that's it" I had stepped towards the interior as was not watching. I started towards the engine and Mike says "yup" and I heard the noise stop dead. But only for about 2 or 3 seconds but gone.

Wait for it......

Bob leaned over the fender behind the power steering pump and put his finger on the #5 emmision tube factory brass plug which was loose....... Noise gone...... Kinda hot to hold onto.... He took his finger off and you could actually see it move back and forth just a fraction of an inch........

I was totally relieved!!! Hugs all around!!! It was so simple! I had 3 of my experienced friends spend hours looking and listening. None of us saw it..... I was humbled beyond humbled, but do not care. We all need a bit of humbling from time to time!!!

The Fix:
Sounds easy, just tighten the plug. I talked Bob into getting a 12 point 3/8" drive socket. This plug is the easiest to see as it points somewhat forward and up. Just under the valve cover lip. But it is recessed in a hole that will not allow a wrench or socket on it. Bob managed to tilt the socket and get a small turn on it. Drive back home and it was loose again. God was smiling on me and I was able to slowly spin it out with a small screw driver tip. I installed a same size pipe plug that use an 5/16" allyn wrench. Used a little anti-seize as I put it in. Trust me I will touch none of the others in the car. They all seem tight and no leaks.

I will never have a set of heads on the bench again without removing and replacing all the plugs. I went up and down they manifolds with the stethoscope and never got close enough I guess. And once your eyes focused on it, you could see the tiny movement......

And on the way, one of his Cobra Power by Ford valve covers cracked on an end bolt. And his intake manifold cracked at the driver forward ear the last time I torqued it in. By the way using my inch pound vice foot pound torque wrench in 3 steps of torque of course following the proper sequence and using RTV vice cork on the ends. Off to the welder with the intake. I think we can salvage it.

Whew, and to think that doing some of this for hand selected customers is a hobby I chose..... The owner was with me every step of the way. He is a family friend and a great guy! Winter time and nice warm storage for his car.....

I felt the noise was minor, but my Dad would never let an engine go with his name on it with this noise. And nor could I.

I charged him $1,500.00 for all of the work I did. 3 day weekends since Thanksgiving. I know it worked out to way less than hourly minimum wage..... But looked at the valuable lesson I learned!!!!

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