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forgot to say I switched the "dizzy" as a last resort with another known stock one..... noise still there.

by the way on the Pertonix install into a stock distributor I found out working on Crofton's (Tim's beautiful Cheery Red GT/CS) that after a call to Pertronix they recommended that the magnetic chopper top should be even with the top of the electronic module to work most effectively. They recommended an o-ring under the magnetic chopper to space it upward. Worked great except now the rotor barely engages into the slot on the top of the rotor. Rotor was quite sloppy. So I took the bottom of the rotor to a flat file and took about 1/16 inch off the bottom. Fits perfectly and all is good.

I experienced an old rail rocker 289 that wore the top down so much that the rails started touching the retainer. Also experience another rail rocker car with to much lift on the cam. Bound the opening on the bottom of the rock onto the stud and pulled it out of the head. some work with a rat tail file and bingo the opening was increased on both sides and all was good.

Good thoughts on the noise!! A hint. Easier than those guesses!!!

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