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Mike and Neil,

Thanks for the recommendation and your support over the last 6 years. Unfortunately I had to shut down R&R Classics. I can still get the floor mats for anyone that wants them, but R&R is gone. I am looking at starting a new parts business called Legendary Mustang Parts, but I am still a few months and dollars away from getting that going.

As far as the fiberglass parts that are out there the only source that I would use is Rebel Mustang. The items that I have purchased from them are as close to the originals as you can get. When I was restoring my CS the body man that I was using had been restoring Shelbys since the 70's and he said that the side scoops that I gave him were the best repros that he had ever seen. Remember that they will need to be shaped to fit your car so don't buy them thinking that they will bolt right up out of the box. I've read some of the online reviews slamming Rebel because the parts didn't fit. Their deck lids are spot on. They use the exact same process that was used making the original Shelby parts.



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