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Re:Engine Question

Great advice. Nice to have some other ideas. Thanks!

BTW, it is an automatic and was running fine until the shop messed with the valve setting (to try to get them quiet) and the timing. It is not just vibration - I can hardly keep the engine running under load when idle (once I get it going and dont accelerate, it is ok). When I take the wire off number 1 plug, it smooths out and is drivable. I will check the balancer, timing, valves and cap.

I dont think the Rousch heads have anything to do with it (they were working fine before). I just mentioned them because I found a different problem with them: I cant get a wrench socket around some of the spark plugs because the stock exhaust just ever so slightly overlaps where the plug goes and is in the way of a using a straight wrench socket. Any ideas on how to get plugs out when the normal wrench socket cant get in there? Thanks, casey
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