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Engine Question

I am not as good at engine work as I am at detail work on my GT/CS. So, I have a new engine problem to ask the group. My GT/CS (289) started running very rough - almost shaking the engine off the mounts, especially under acceleration. I checked around and found where the problems is, but not the problem itself - the number 1 cylinder appears to be the culprit. The odd thing is that when I take the plug wire OFF number 1, the engine runs smooth - when I put it on it runs rough. I have switched wires and plugs and get the same effect (the plug is a nice tan color). As soon as I put the wire to the plug the engine starts shaking. What may cause this? Valve settings (the valves are noisy)? Worn out cam? I have a mustang engine buddy coming over to help me out Sunday, and thought we could use a few ideas. I need to have her running good as show season is starting up here soon. Casey
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