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New Gallery Format

Spent several hours today working on a new Gallery format. Take a quick look at the test pages:

It's not quite the same look as the existing Gallery, but has some distinct advantages:
  • It's quicker and easier for me to upload which means it should be updated more often
  • I can assign individuals control over their own Gallery so they can edit photo captions, upload, modify and delete photos. If you're in the Gallery and want access please email me or PM me and let me know so I can give you a password.
  • There's a new Gallery section for "Misc Photos" which I thought might be handy for pics of interest to all of us. Things like show photos or detail shots of GT/CS and HCS specific items would go here. I've already put in some of the more useful photos you all have uploaded to the Forums.

Let me know if anyone has any comments! Thanks! :)
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