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Beware when selling car. Stolen Mustang

Yesterday, October 9th, 2013 a victim called into a local Law Enforcement agency in Sacramento, Ca. reporting his flat black 1967 Mustang (no details on the car) was stolen out of his driveway between the hours of 0200-0700. He had advertised the car for sale and had made arrangements for a potential buyer to see the car at his residence. The person who was coming to see the car said he was coming from San Jose, Ca. The potential buyer is now the prime suspect.

According to officers, an old ruse has resurfaced where the potential buyers contact the seller and ascertain where the car is and during the night, boost the car.

These creeps are literally shopping for cars to steal on the internet and then just help themselves if the car is left outside. Beware not to give your address to potential buyers if selling your beloved muscle or classic car. Meet the buyer in a safe place.

Mike Jewell
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