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The points on the value almost all say take it at 10-12k.

IMO the comments are fair based on the info provided, and not personal, but I guess it depend on how you read it. The other offers noted are relevant, as its sets a known benchmark they have in-hand.

If I had a "friend" who offered me a car I "wanted" and I knew they were offered 12k I think I'd do right by them and not offer 8k... but that's just me.

If someone is willing to pay 12k, its worth 12k... its not like it a Scott Drake part you can comparison shop, the idea there is some fixed and "correct" value is false. Every car is unique and must be valued on its condition, and by how much the buyer wants it.

If you can get it for less, a personal choice.

As noted, without pictures it is hard to tell but I'd agree with the comment "I would pay the man $12k and there would two more happy people in the world. How often do you get a chance at something like this?"
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