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A $2000-2500 hit for a cracked tail panel? I had a damaged original reglassed by a guy here for $100, looks as good as new. You can buy a OEM for less than half that (I paid $500 for the cracked one, with the buckets, lens, and trims in good shape).

The rear valance dent is very minor, unless a heavy crease may even be able to get it close with one of the paint-less dent removal companies.

An unmolested original is hard to find, the docs and original owner info has a bit of nostalgia and value. And no rust other then chrome blemishes is a big plus.

You have always wanted the car, an are offering 2/3 of the other offer? Doesn't sound like you want if very much... I'd believe someone would offer 12k, and would say anything less than 10K is taking advantage of the guy, but hard to say without pics.
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