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Distributor and exhaust

OK - Getting closer to the end of my rebuild...a couple of questions foe the experienced folk for the j-Code:

1) Do any of the mustang catalog companies offer a dual exhaust package worth buying or should I go to a local shop. My concern with a local shop is their lack of Mustang knowledge and possibly cost - concern with kits are fit and maybe cost?!?!

2) What is the best cost/performance distributor option? (I know cost/performance is an oxymoron - just humor me...8-D)

Both questions above are in the light of doing something close to stock/concours, but not costly if you could include an "estimated" or "experienced" cost for your option/opinion, that would be very VERY helpful!!!

All opinions welcomed and wanted...even if it is "you are an idiot for asking this question" (because that part is true) Thanks!!!


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