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Never understood why a salvage title is such a big deal to some. So it got damaged and repaired.. look at all the rust buckets, "non-salvaged", that are taken back to a firewall and a rear frame rail and "restored"... All it means is the insurance company figured it was not worth the coverage to fix, and wrote it off. If that was done in 1993 the "value" of the car may have been $2500 as a "write off" to the insurance company.

If the original VINs are there and you can prove its a real GT/CS why is it any different to some of the other bare shell, or worse, restos...???

Why is this type of resto, common, and applauded.. when a "salvage" title, for possibly (probably) far less replacement is seen as a red flag?

Once its done if you show the workmanship and quality is there, it is no different than any other. Go for it..
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