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Red Oxide, blue paint and gas tank originality

Started doing some cleaning on the underside of of the CS yesterday. I am actually surprised how clean the car is! Almost seems TOO clean for a 45 year old car. Makes me think the 44k miles could be actual. Would be great if some of you experts could see and give me your opinion since I know so little about mustangs or the CS. Hopefully will learn more if we make it to the Evans Georgia mustang show in a few weeks.

I'm finding what looks like a blue overspray on the underside of the body panels (trunk area) just behind the gas tank. There is also some near one of the rear shock mounts and also a bit on the back of the gas tank. Any idea why this is there?

Also, when I see restored cars the entire underside is sprayed in the red oxide color. I'm not really seeing much of anything that looks to be red oxide on the underside. Does this wear off? I haven't gotten to the wheel wells yet although I did notice some red oxide in the inside of a couple of quarter panels. There does seem to be black paint on the underside of the floor panels on each side of the car but not in the drivetrain tunnel. Is this black paint likely original or painted later for undercoating or "detailing"?

Finally, is there a way to tell if the gas tank is original?

Thanks for the help.
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