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Re:Why Clone?

Hook, as a guy who owns an AC Cobra "Replica" or clone, I can tell you some of the motivation. Money. One of my first car loves was watching Bob Bondurant and the boys racing on Wide World of Sports. My Cobra is as true to the original as I can afford. But, I am not fooling anyone and say so very quickly. I love the sound, feel and the other stuff that comes with it.

On a separate subject a buddy and I are looking for a "make money" project. We are looking for a 6 cyl 69 Camaro that we can put in a BBC and make a COPO clone. After all the COPO was mostly a clone anyway. It was not intended for street use. So, we think we can give someone a real thrill to own one of these race equiped cars. We will not try to fool anyone, but for some guys, they remember the "old" days and the BB Camaro dressed in plane Jane is a car not often seen. Today, that is where most bang for the buck. It is money.

Brother Paul and I were very careful to get as close as we could to stock with our CS. We love it. Would do it again. I just like cars and if I can spend some of my time woring with them and make a little scratch, we will build a clone.

My 2 cents worth.

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