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Why Clone?

I don't know why but this whole clone thing has a strange facination with me as to how much it really takes place and why.

I know I've said before but the first car that ever had an impression with me was a 69 GTO Judge. Now I'm sure that if on that same day it would have been a Shelby that drove by my first car memory would have been a Shelby but it was a Judge and I thought to myself, man that is the coolest car. I was probably 6-7 years old. Well that memory has stuck with me. There are 3-4 original GTO Judges in my home town right now and my home town is small so I'm guessing it had the same effect on others when who ever bought that first Judge cruised it through our little podunk town. Well as you are all very much aware GTO's especially early and Judges have a high $ value and I became a Ford/Mustang kind of guy anyway but I would still love to have me a GTO Judge someday simply because I love the looks of the car. I wouldn't however pay what they want therefore I would look at getting a regular GTO or Tempest and Adding the spoiler and Judge stripes, just for me. Simple conversion easy to do, no intention of passing it as a real deal don't even care if it has a 6 cylinder under the hood as I'm not a hot rod type person. I'm all show no go and the older I get the more true that gets.

The Okie Special is a perfect example, no harm intended from how I see it, beautiful car, my hat is off to the person that undertook the project they did a great job from my perspective and I'd be proud to drive the car.

With that said I'd like to pose a few questions.

What are the reasons for cloning and what are the advantages?

Why would you think that most clones are done?

How often do you think that cloning is done with ill intentions?

It is odd and because I own a true GT/CS is bothers me to think that someone could clone one and have one but on the other hand I could do it with the GTO and I wouldn't be doing it to offend or lessen the value of someone with a true Judge so the emotions are mixed I guess. Searching my own soul for right and wrong here I guess, on one had it seems wrong on the other it seems it's my personal opinion and I should be able to do as I want.

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