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The pony corral is most often where the cars for sale go. Display only is for the nonmember cars and those that do not wish to be judged. Non members can also go in Judges choice class but is for two years old and newer cars. Conservator class is for cars that have received enough gold or silver points to get their grill medalion. At that point they can decide to keep being judged or go in to this kind of retirement class where they get in to the show for half price and are honored with being parked together on the front row or inside if that is available and they are no longer judged.
Last weekend Tari and I went to Warshington DC to meet with a company called Motosho who is designing a online registration process that will include a intuitive classifaction. After you have found your class and checked out you will recive a email conformation with a QR code that you will carry with you to the show. When you arrive at the the QR code is scanned with a smart phone and all of you information will go wirelessly to Tari's show data base. Cool uh no more long waits at classifaction / registration. We will be testing the process this season.
See you at Beaumont

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