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Re:GT/CS Clone Registry?

[quote author=nfrntau link=board=1;threadid=1535;start=0#msg9193 date=1112394526]
On the value questions.
Have Shelby clones devalued the original and verified Shelby's?


I see what you are getting at but my point is more that clones "cheapen" the originals in my opinion. Hard to tell if shelby clones have devalued the real things since they have been around for a long time.

Our GT/CS cars are fairly rare to begin with so ANY clones would seen to cheapen the real things especially in a printed registry.

My main point to make is that I like REAL cars (not clones). I like original cars as well. When a clone is made it seems a cheap way to get the real thing. Kinda like buying a fake Rolex (get my point?).
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