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Re:GT/CS Clone Registry?

I built a clone around ten years ago and since the deck lid, end caps, tail light panel, and tail lights came from a real GT/CS most people would have a tough time knowing it was a clone. If I remember correctly it also had the San Jose build code. The only clues to it being a clone would be the aftermarket scoops and incorrect grille.

Last I knew it was in New York State so if anyone is looking to buy a Highland Greenish GT/CS with white stripes and a white vinyl top, in the Northeast part of the country, please contact me first. A Marti report will also show the car to be a standard '68.

I never represented the car as anything but a clone and neither did the person who bought it from me but who knows what stunts others down the line might try to pull.

Paul if you decide to list the clones I might be able to find the VIN for this car from the guy I sold it to. I also have a few pictures.
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