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Re:GT/CS Clone Registry?

hey, people, I'd like to get back to this post later this weekend after I write down a few notes and get some sequence in mind. There seems to be MORE than just "clone" comments and discussion here in this post. And I really would like to address the '66 and '67 stuff, as well as the Ski Country stuff. In all these years with the Cal Spec and High Country Special interest, I only recall 1 clone, which was entered in an Omaha show under the modified class. This Mustang was a red '67 conv. with our lamps, hood, Cal Sp striping and script, scoops and our tail stuff. All the interior was '67 and it had the '67 s/s wheels. Are we over reacting on this bit or not? Is this a real issue or do we have an attitude or am I just a little naive. Think about the late models with these guys installing MUSTANG or COBRA bumpers and script to denote a V-8 in a 6 banger? Hey, so what. But are these 'clones'? or mods? More later this weekend on these other items in this post which seem to be of interest to some of you as they are to me. 'nite, hi country BOB here.
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