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GT/CS Clone Registry?

I know, I know....This is a pandora's box, again, but I was wondering...

What if I included a listing of:

1. VINs of GT/CS or HCS "clones",
2. Built up / modified CS Convertibles
3. Copies of Little Red and Green Hornet
4. any of the '67 Coupe "Shelby de Mexicos" (that look like the Little Red)?

This addition would not be like a full-blown registry, but a simple listing of owner's names, the VIN, and a few notes about the car. This would not overshadow the main GT/CS and HCS Registry, but would be like an appendix.

Also--what about including '66 and '67 HCS cars?

None of this would take away from the main theme of the book-- but by listing the "clones", it would help identify them against the "real" CS cars.

Paul N.

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