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Originally Posted by dalorzo_f View Post
Lock washer and nut, 20 years on my big block and never a problem.

If you are a worrier, a nyloc nut is easier thatn a weld if you want to worry about a problem that doesn't exist! (otherwise you'd need to weld all bolted items???)

On the 390 hoses, if you do be prepared for poor fit, unless you drop the coin for the Blue Dots... (great products, but way spendy) I have a box full of repros that don't fit worth a damn... I am not sure if the small blocks will route properly for the bracket or not, but I think the pressure hose looped up near the shock tower and strapped to the tower, which may make rotung to the big block bracket an issue... never compared them....

I did away with the loop in the pressure hose near the shock tower. No way it was going to work that way. Car is in the garage covered up for the winter, all kinds of junk in the way and it's 12 degrees here, or I'd go out and look at it some more. I'm going to try the big block hoses and mounting bracket. Seems like that will do it. Thanks!!
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