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[QUOTE=sportyworty;87818]You are welcome it may still be a good car but for a potential 1000 mile trip with a trailer and it not be so I passed. I expect a seller to provide answers and pictures and be polite about it or pass. If you compare this to the Highland Green on e that sld on Ebay for 9000 a couple of weeks ago it looks over priced. The 4 speed is a bonus though. Here is a pic of the wrinkled apron you will have to blow it up. The guy is either lazy or did not want to disclose much likely both.

I agree! Thank you for the pic!! We are full on projects right now. IF it was a BB I would make an exception. (on the project and dealing with the stoner AH)

Also, depending on how old the pics are, the registration tag exp 02/12. but if thats the case in SF if left on the street they would tow it. (CA back fees are hefty always something I consider when im buying)
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