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Originally Posted by sportyworty View Post
I tried to buy the car 2 months ago. The guy is hostile and was firm on the price. Finally got him to send me 3 more pics. The passenger front apron was wrinkled pretty bad. This made sense with the hood and mixed up Fog lamps of which he has another set. Tells me it was hit pretty hard long ago. I offered him very very close to the asking price and he said his phone was melting and hung up on me. I am sure plenty of people have seen the car by now. The car is in San Fran and he said he bought it from the original owner a little old lady from Pasadena not BS. Asked him why he had an 808 Hawaii number and he said it was a phone card and he goes there a lot. I swear I could hear him hitting the bong while we were talking lol
Thanks for the info! I was wondering about the Hawaii #. yes I called too early, 1000 hrs, and asked too many questions, thats why I got hung up on hehe
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