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On Craigslist 1968 GT/CS (289 4 spd)

Location: San Francisco, Ca
Price: $9,000.

1968 mustang GT/CS - $9000

Date: 2012-10-06, 10:00AM PDT
Reply to: see below

1968 Mustang GT/CS
Factory 4 speed
Factory posi
matching numbers
runs great

808 321-9479

its a call only ad. On my 4th question, he hung up on me LOL or maybe his phone went dead. I called back, but got a "voice mailbox that wasnt set up".
He answered my questions with one word replies. Just kinda strange all around. Dont know if its a scam?
My Questions:
Where is the car located: San Francisco
What engine: 289
How long have you owned it: 8 yrs
How is the interior: got disconnected
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