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You are hitting the nail on the head. The last book has all sorts of facts that indicate that the early cars were fully assembled and converted. Maybe as many as 200 as page 75 and page 190 indicate.

Also I retract my early statement in this thread. Page 60 shows the stage car that Curtis owns and the script is noticeably higher like the original picture on the stage. Curtis I appologize and you have one rare GT/CS and a piece of history!

I think, once again, that the early cars are recognized by the placement of the script on the rear quarter. Study page 46, 49, and page 60 to get a relationship between the “California” script and the "Mustang" script on the trunk spoiler. They are nearly equal in height on the car. Then turn to page 72 and copare the two scipts. It clearly displays that the later cars had the script much lower. My guess is this was driven by the fact that of the transition from recessed reflectors to the later bolt on style.

If you know Curtis, a corner close up with a Mustang script on the trunk from a a kneeling position to capture both the California and Mustang script would be awesome. Also one with a ruler or cloth measuring tape on the quarter showing the distance down from the top edge of the quarter panel would be huge.

To think as many as 200 cars “may” have been built and awaiting script is huge. None of them would be Marti verified in my opinion or maybe a large percentage of them.

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