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I have had some thoughts on this subject for a while now.

We recently visited the owner of the very first Cougar, 7F91S500001. (Look for an upcoming video on our WCCC TV) That car was specially constructed, because Mercury intended for it to go on the show circuit. That Cougar had all of the door jamb and trunk seams smoothed and blended. Flawless factory paint remained on the car when it was found.
The reason was that it was intended to be shown and filmed with doors and trunk lid open. It also does not have air conditioning, because Ford felt that it detracted from the engine compartment.

My guess is that Ford in San Jose, specially created one (or several) cars with hand fitted fiberglass panels for in-house final design and approval. These cars would have been mostly hand built (converted) by the engineering or design team. It is very likely that this/these cars were never designated as GT/CS models, but mearly 'project' cars for internal full scale mock ups. They also were very likely used at the presentation on Feb 15. I believe that it is possible that several of the cars shown Feb 15, will not have Marti verified designations of GT/CS. The test mule cars, probably were not accounted for in the first 200 cars.

In the final recognition guide, the author mentions the stage car as being a GT model and that it has been identified. The other 6 cars, very possibly, were a mix of standard and deluxe interiors, hub caps/style steel wheels, we can see in the pictures, different stripe colors and with and without vinyl tops. I would expect different engine examples too.

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