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Also notice the script on the rear quarter of the stage car. I encourage all owners to look at the relationship to the reflector and/or the top of the rear fender. It is a small picture but it is obvious that it is higher than a normal later GT/CS car. My GNS has the holes in this location. I moved the script down in 1989 when I painted it white. I thought it looked add and templated a local car that was an later one and now they are in the more normal location. We need to find out who owns these early cars and get a close look at them. This may clear up a lot about the first 20 or so cars that were converted into GT/CS cars that were pulled from the line early. My car was heavily optioned also. It is a J code, deluxe interior, tinted windows, convenience group, rear window defroster, lower console, automatic car. Their was a rumor that all stage cars had tachs, but in Paulís last book there is an all white stage car without a tach clearly shown in one of the pictures.

Does anyone have a clue where some of these early cars are?

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