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Originally Posted by bambam View Post
lol how about the marty report lol you two are like old women lol have a nice day! i am the second owner of the car ! so dont get your panties all ruffled just because its not on the registries on this site! this site is not an acurate cout of whats out there its your own data base you are trying to document these cars! if there were not --s like you on here then i would have loged on earlier and registered my car! but you think you know something when all you know is slander! i dont advertise replicas if you want to put your money where your mouth is i got 500 dollars that it is a real gtcs you want to take that bet big mouth?
How about the Marti report? It shows the car is a standard coupe, not a GT/CS. If you can prove your car is a true California Special please send that information to the registrar, who is somethingspecial on this site.

I also encourage you to charge me with slander. Please feel free to have the DA in your area contact me through the admin of this site.

After you do that I suggest you do a few other things.
1. Download a spellchecker and learn how to use it
2. Learn how to make paragraphs using the <enter> key.
3. Learn how and when to capitalize
4. Avoid posting on websites when you are under the influence of chemicals.

Thank you
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