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Originally Posted by bambam View Post
lol how about the marty report lol you two are like old women lol have a nice day! i am the second owner of the car ! so dont get your panties all ruffled just because its not on the registries on this site! this site is not an acurate cout of whats out there its your own data base you are trying to document these cars! if there were not --s like you on here then i would have loged on earlier and registered my car! but you think you know something when all you know is slander! i dont advertise replicas if you want to put your money where your mouth is i got 500 dollars that it is a real gtcs you want to take that bet big mouth?
With a statement like that i will take your bet. Show respect dude, dont you dare come onto this site and talk to members like that. These guys are some of the most well round brilliant guys that i have had the pleasure to meet, and can spot the not even from your pictures. What did you really expect when trying to push a "fake" car past guys who have been restoring these cars for 25+ years? You think were just that stupid? The combative way you are coming at people, especially those trying to help aid you in confirming your car as the real thing tells me without a shred of doubt that you are a scammer, which in my eyes is just as bad as a thief if not worse. Any post you try and list this car for i will personally flag to either craigslist or ebay or any other site so good luck with sale

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