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Possible 1967 HCS. Need some help, please.

Hey all,

New to the forum. Looks like the best place to be to find out some info. I have a '67 one owner. Dad bought new in Colorado Springs at Phil Long Ford. Was a daily driver for years. From the best I can tell from pictures, it was possibly Timberline Green with a black vinyl top. Had a couple front fender benders back in the day. Was repainted a horrible olive drab color and eventually was parked. Way back when I was 15-16 years old I drove it around the house, had some horrible shade-tree black paint job applied and obnoxious dual exhausts put on. Drove it a couple of years and parked it under a shed where it has sat for the last 18 years here in Alabama. My dad always told me he thought it was some "Timberline special" or something like that. I started researching recently with codes and looks like it might be a HCS Mustang. Just dug it out of the shed with intentions of starting resto on it in near future. Would love if someone else could help me verify if this is truly an HCS or not.
Data plate reads:Body65A Trim2A Date30F DSO515235
Color is blank. There were not any badges applied at dealership if this is truly an HCS.
Any help appreciated. What is the next step? Should I get one of the reports to also help me verify?


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