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Alright the time has come! The hopped up 302 4bbl is being pulled this weekend (my picker is toast needed to borrow my friends) So the motor and trans will get a revamp and tune and a nice de-grease treatment and will commence the long process of bolting back up all the stock attributes that i have pain-stankingling been buying and tracking down ( c8
intake and c8 exhaust mani's were so hard to find) The exhaust mani's have been heat treated with the correct natural, and i managed to find a very correct autolite dizzy and alt. luckily all the bracketry and pulley's are correct for it, now the last piece is to get rid of the junky aftermarket holley thats on there and try and find an autolite that will keep up with this motor (motor currently has solid lifters in it which i intend to keep and
a decent lumpy cam) so that will be fun. Trans needs to be gone thru as its "gunky thru the gears" but the top loaders are a synch so we will just have to see. Anyway once the motor is out the hotsie will be taken to the engine comp. to take all the years of oil and filth out of it just before the rotisserie comes into play. I have the typical rust spots on the upper aprons near the backside of the shock towers, so i am having new sections welded in by a good friends wife (amazing welder) Have a brand new PS unit with pump going in and my pops found the NOS booster he bought for this car to give to me so it'll be nice having power brakes one day haha. I keep promising pics and folks rest assured they are coming. I have about 50 so far of the resto so you're all in for a treat when i compress them to fit.


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