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Rear axle blue paint mark

When I was growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I lived not far from the Oakland Airport. Therefore many of the neighbors were mechanics of some sort. I remember seeing lots of vehicles with no hubcaps and/or being worked on in their driveways. I also remember seeing lots of axles with blue paint on the center hubs. I asked several experts here, as well as some old time mechanics about this and no one seems to know or remember what I am talking about.

When restoring my Concours car axles, I discovered traces of blue paint in the axle hub, confirming what I remember. I matched the paint and sprayed the axle as I remembered.

Today, while checking the brakes on my driver GT/CS, I discovered blue paint in the axle hubs. This thoroughly confirms what I remember and since this is two GT/CSs with the blue marks, I feel this is something that was on the car when it left the factory. I also believe this marking to be an inspector mark to show a completed and inspected brake assembly. These marks are on both a 9” and an 8” rear axle, so it is a universal mark.

To challenge my memory, I tried to remember what cars had the blue axles and I remember a ‘63 Ford Galaxy, a late 60s Ford pick-up, and a ’66 Ford Fairlane. Family members owned an auto repair shop and I was always hanging with my dad, who spent a lot of time there. I saw lots of blue axles there, but couldn’t tell you what on.

I am basing this solely on my memories, as no one can confirm or deny this discovery and its significance. If anyone has further information, PLEASE post it so we can confirm what this blue mark means.
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