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Originally Posted by gt/csj4 View Post
My particular car came with axel code '5' which is 3.00 conventional. We can go around back and forth debating who is right and who is wrong but it wont get anyone anywhere. To me what I am typing makes sense, and i'm sure to you, yours makes sense, but when the other reads it we have issues on what is being said. That is the problem with form data and/or text rather then having this conversation face to face. If you actually were listening to what I typed rather then reading it i'm sure it would make a lot more sense as i am not back tracking or stepping nor retracting anything i said. Plain and simple what i initally meant was;

All big blocks (gt and non gt) came with the 9'' rear end however not all got the heavy duty susension it was either on the GT's or was optioned. The next thing was small block cars gernerally got 8'' rear ends unless they were GT's or were ordered with heavy duty suspension. That being said in my research (and its not just from books a lot comes from Bob Teets as well as my dad who has been close friends with Mr. T himself whom i've learned all i know about mustangs from these two guys) in 68 the only cars (small block wise) that could be ordered with the heavy duty suspension (ie with the 9'' rear) was the J code 302 4v.
My research suggests that the straight 6's and c code 289's could not be ordered with HD sus. or gt package (obviously) for reasons i do not know why.

I beleive what you may have mistaken what i said was the only cars that came with 9'' rears were big block cars and that is my mistake i should have typed more carefully. All i was trying to say was that just because its a 9'' under there doesnt mean its a GT and that goes for all the motors I listed. Furthermore what i am trying to say is that a car that is non GT with the HD package and has a 302 4v in cal special trim would be very uncommon (especially a 4 speed to boot) since there is no report on it to confirm it as a GT or having HD sus. i'm stating that the person could have jsut wanted a stout rear end that is bullet proof. My car as it sits has these options however i cannot confirm the rear end as being stock on the car even tho it did indeed come with the HD sus but it is not a GT. So yes youre right i myself do learn new things each day, and i am not that close minded to not let in any new theory's or concepts from others. It was a misunderstanding of words thats all. No offense taken on my part and i hope the same feelings are mutual Cheers

A little more research may be in order.

Never say never when dealing with old Mustangs.
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