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GT cars are HD suspension therefore came with 9" in 1968 J cars. Yes HD is a separate available option therefore a HD non GT would be a 9" as well. Re read what you wrote prior to my response. "9in rearends came on big block cars, Small blocks got 8 inch... not JUST GT cars got them .So just because it has one doesn't mean anything, it just means someone wanted a bullit proof rear end" This sounds like you are referring to Big Block non GT cars nothing to do with small block. You changed gears in your next post

Thus the do your homework statement. I do not care what books say what as most are "short" on correct facts. Just google 1968 Mustang J code 9 inch rear end. Not trying to be a prick to you just clearing up your initial post on the topic. I learn new things everyday and if you research this topic it is apparent you will learn something as well. It is obvious you did some more research between the two posts.

What is the axle code on your door tag? the answer is the axle codes. If you have 3.25 it is a 9"

This has been discussed before here

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