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So.... my Cal has a 9 inch rear but isn't a GT so what does that make it then? Here's the thing, NON GT cars could be optioned with the 9 in rear as part of the 'Heavy duty suspension" package. There is no doubt in my mind that when you ordered the GT equipment group, you got a 9" axle. Although not stated by Ford anywhere in their factory sales literature about the option specifically including a 9" axle, it does list "heavy duty suspension" as part of the option. In my book, the rear axle is part of the suspension. There was a stand-alone "heavy duty suspension" type option for non-GT cars in 1968, my car is the only car i have seen to date with these options on a non gt car. So that being said i was not saying you are not correct that GT cars didn't get the 9'' rear, i was saying just BECAUSE it has a 9 inch doesn't automatically make it one as all the big block cars got a 9'' (428 cars i believe came standard with 3.50's) and GT cars (although according to my research in 68 ONLY 302 4v cars (GT or NON GT) could be ordered with the 9''. Thanks for the read as it seems i have done MY HOMEWORK.

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