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Quick update on the restoration. After a TON of scrapping some crappy undercoating spray in the trunk that someone at one point decided to do, I sanded everything down and primered and shot the trunk with the correct candy apple (car is maroon with gold stripes right now should be candy apple with black stripe) and it looks AMAZING in there now. detailed all the bolts and latch/striker etc too. After the car gets painted in Oct (cant wait) i will install the NOS plaid carpeting i had bought at a swap meet years ago so the trunk will be 100%. Next thing i did was remove the god awful speakers from the package tray and put in the new one as well as took the rear panels out and shot them with the correct charcoal black. Then took the door cards out (in perfect condition which was a bonus) and shot the doors as well as the entire dash. I had to order all new dash pieces because someone decided that the gold theme on the outside of the car needed to continue on the inside too so all the pieces that are supposed to be chrome...were painted gold... ugh. So after restoring the gauge cluster, repainting the needles (the origninal clock actually still works as well as the philco radio haha!) I was up till 1 am finishing up the dash. I had a extra tilt steering column so i decided even though i didnt come with it, i installed it too. (still trying to track down a black 68 steering wheel car currently has a grant) Removed the kick panels and dash pad since i will be taking all the windows out when its painted anyway. I have my seats being recovered with the correct vinyl ( someone put nasty cloth inserts in the old ones) luckily all the frames and springs are in great condition. The issue with the lucas lights has been completely resolved thanks to Neil, and Bob teets (thanks again fellas) Next big project is tearing the motor, trans out for complete restoration ( its a pretty hopped up 302 i would say it has damn near 400 hp at the crank) so im leaving the motor alone since its very strong and healthy but i will take the headers off and high rise intake and junky holley carb off and put it back to concours (at least it will look like it till you start it. Once the motor is out i will then detail the engine comp too and leave the motor out till it gets back from paint next year then the underside will be completely stripped down and painted the correct red oxide (?leaving the 9 inch posi rear end tho haha) so if all goes right this car will make a appearence at the mustang roundup in steamboat 2013 ( up and coming class of course) so im hoping by 2014 she'll be done. Sorry for the rant but the car is an absolute blast and im learning so much about these cals its unreal. I had fun restoring my 67, but this car is sooooo much fun! thanks for the read guys ill post pics today at some point
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