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I had a similar situation with my plastic shroud, and am surprised your shroud was only cut by the fan and not shredded as mine was, my solution was a shorter spacer. I had the long spacer that you have 2 1/4 and went to 1 1/2. You need clearance all around the dia of the fan. As yours is mine was tighter to the shroud the closer the fan got to the rad, and my shroud was a bit out of round, (poor after market parts ). Ideally your fan functions best the closer to the rad as possible, when I went with the shorter spacer, I then switched to a five blade fan, then all was well.
Keep in mind that with reving the engine you will get movement of the engine and hence movement of the fan within the shroud. Likely the shroud was an add on as the car was running hot and it was not looked at close enough. I believe you will get by with more clearance on your existing set up.

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