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Sounds like you are talking about two issues:

1. depth of fan in shroud
2. offest and fan hitting shroud

On # 1

as noted half-and-half-is the "norm", depth of fan will make no major difference to clearance to shroud, as you are talking 1/2" or so at a minor deflection angle... (ok, as the motor mounts flex it will drift a bit). I'd think more in than out should be better, but in reality it probably make zero difference if its 1/2" either way for the most part... unless you just idle it in your garage, as once you get moving dynamic air flow takes over from the fan and static idle conditions (the reason most suggest 1/2 and 1/2, to improve flow at a standstill....)

On #2

Someone leaning on the car will move the body, not the fan in relation to the shroud (the fender-bone-connected-to-the crossmember-bone, the crossmember-bone-connected-to-the-radiator-bone, etc) It all moves together in that light.

Under stressed driving loads and dynamics it all changes... (imagine holding a spindle/brake/wheel and the impact load of hitting a pothole at 50mph and how fast it's moving the assembly)

Moving the fan forward or back with a spacer will not address item 2, which seems to be your concern. If that is the issue you want to address I'd look at worn motor mounts (or modified) and the mounting of the radiator, as the shroud attaches to it.

Or maybe the wrong shroud was used..
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