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Distance of fan from radiator with shroud?

I'm replacing the shroud for a 20" radiator after the shroud was damaged on the top by the fan. I thought someone may have leaned on the shroud when the car was in transit to Australia but when I removed the shroud I noticed the bottom of the shroud was cut up by the fan.

Looking where the shroud was cut it looks like the fan is sitting to far within the shroud. There is very little of the fan sitting outside of the shroud where based on other threads the fans should be half in and half out of the shroud.

My thoughts are to replace the fan spacer with 2 1/4 fan spacer. Currently, the four blade fan (17 1/8 diameter based on my measurement) is 1 inch from the radiator with a 2 3/4 fan spacer so the fan will be now 1 1/2 inch away from the radiator. Will the fan be too far?

It cost me $40 to buy a new shroud and the $65 dollars to send it to Aust (still cheaper than buying locally) so to me it makes sense to shorten the fan spacer so I don't shred $105. Of course, as long as I don't lose too much cooling from the fan it I move it away from the radiator.

Thanks in advance for the replies.
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