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My gt/cs j code 4 speed restoration begins

Hey all!

Name is Joe and am new to the forum, but definitely not new to Mustangs. Grew up with them my whole life and this will be my 2nd restoration to an early one. My other mustang is a 67 gta coupe, silver frost, black interior, air, ps,pb etc etc. Just got my newest pride and joy (handed down from my dad... been waiting and wanting this car for a long time) Anyway, Cal special,non gt,heavy duty sus. j code, 4 speed, standard interior, candy apple red... as it sits right now the car will need to be completely gone thru, altough it is all there. The 302 in it right now (original block) has def. been gone through and is anything but stock (to be honest the thing scares me its ridiculous fast) and has a 9 inch posi in the rear which only thing i can guess since the axel tag is gone, is that it has 4.11's in my guess, this car was purpose built and that was for 1/4 mile excursions. I will be doing a full rotisserie resto on it, and will be brought back to concours driven specs... Best part is i have a hott brunette that will help aide in this restoration (it is my fiance and she has caught the mustang bug.... BAD) so we will see how far she will be willing to get her hands dirty. I am very familar with the cs, and hcs (thanks in part to being close friends with bob teets since i was in diapers) but every car is a new learning process so im diving in head first, wish me luck !

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