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My Car Is Fake!!! (According To Some Jerk At A Car Show)

Took the 68 CS to a local car show yesterday. Entered her in '60s stock. No sooner have we gotten set up and I'm off to the men's room when this guy in a Mach 1 parks next to us. The guy jumps out and proceeds to tell my wife that we can't enter our car as stock because its not a real CS. My wife asks him what do you mean. He responds all '68 CS were fast backs and if she doesn't remove our car from the stock class he will go to the judges. Needless to say my wife was pissed. When I got back she told me what the guy said and I told him he had it backwards and asked him where he got his info. He knows that to be a fact because he read it on the internet. I showed him the "How to identify" section from this site and he said this site was wrong. Finally I showed him the Marti for the car. At that point he mumbled something and went back to his car. A few minutes later he packed up and said he was going to a different show. What a jerk.

'68 GT/CS, Presidential Blue, Numbers Matching, J-Code, C-4
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