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A good place to start is the “fiberglass” panels on the car. If you remove the side scoops it is easy to tell a repop side scoop from an original piece. They even have part numbers embossed on the back side facing the car. Next the taillight panel, truck lit and quarter extensions. If you remove and study them, it is easy to tell if they are original pieces. I have a Gold Nugget Special that has all the original GT/CS fiberglass with the exception of one scoop. It may have ben a dealer conversion or a possible car staged on the assembly line and completed prior to the GT/CS debut.

Next is the rear wiring harness that starts under the dash and goes all the way down the left side of the car to the tail lights, backup lights and gas tank. If it is one continuous wire harness with the old Ford “netting like” cove with no splices it is probable original. There is also a tag on it in the trunk area with a part number. The grill is never a good bet on these cars to still be there. You also have the early Marchal fog lights.

Now, we know this is not a factory GT/CS as ordered and conventional wisdom says they never made a convertible. Nor could a convertible be ordered as a GT/CS from the factory. There was a strike in the fall of 1967 and many cars were stalled on the assembly line.

If the above GT/CS specific stuff is all Ford and not repop, the next question is whether a GT/CS doner car was involved. A possibility, but the rear wiring harness was many times splice rather than to dig the complete harness out of both cars. But again that may have happened. If all of the GT/CS stuff is repop, then it is a build that happened years later. But if it is not, it could have been done by a dealer, or.... Maybe a convertible was taken off the line after it was completely built and send back to the GT/CS area and the conversion was done. This has been documented to have happened with the first coupe cars that were on display at the introduction of the GT/CS to the public. These cars would not be authenticated by Marti as they were already built. But the factory may have built them. Now that is a huge burden of proof to find as many owners of the car as far back as you can.

So lets first try to identify the above mentioned parts. You, like me, have the burden of proof to find some connection or early owners or photos. I have always tried to keep an open mind to this stuff. Never say never.

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